Craniums Deserve Better

The hat category is incredibly stale and there's no beloved brand for the modern consumer.

We started Storied Hats a few years to create eveything we wanted in our hats, but couldn't find:

Quality. Lots of variety. Sustainable materials. Ethical manufacturing. And no logos.

With an amazing selection of cool weather styles,

foreaheads are about to look awesome this fall and winter.






Recycled Wool Collection

Warm on your head, soft on the planet

Our Global Recyled Standard wool is 100% recycled from old fabrics. Recycled wool is a 24x reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to new wool production.


The hand-sorting of the old fabriccs employs people who struggle to find work because of illiteracy, creating jobs for those most at risk of unemployment.


Organic Corduroy & Canvas



Our organic corduroy comes from organic cotton, using 80% less freshwater and zero chemicals compared to conventional cotton.


Our sustainable canvas is a blend of hemp and recycled plastic. Hemp is a super fiber because of its durability, UV protection, and efficient growing that is easier on the earth.

Plant-Based Leather

Backstraps made from apple peels discarded by the juicing industry. Instead of going to a landfill and giving off methane – a major greenhouse gas – they're repurposed to give our hats an elevated finish.


Soft Liners & Multiple Sizes

For those with less hair wool can be a tad itchy. All of our wool hats have a super soft liner.


The vast majority of hats out there are one-size-fits-most. Our Fall & Winter collection will have average, large, and x-large so everyone can find the perfect fit.



Used Coffee Ground Collection

Versatile Fabric from Used Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds are collected, the oils are removed, and then blended with recycled plastic chips.


The result is a material that outperforms polyester and cotton: stronger UV protection, better odor control, cooler to the touch, and faster-drying.


More Styles from Storied Hats


Some have designs on the inside

We think about the inside as much as the outside. It’s a chance to extend the design and the story behind the hats.