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You Won't Find This Anywhere Else


Highest quality. Best Designs. Most Sustainable.


Over the last three years we've developed the biggest catalog of sustainable fabrics in the hat industry. We've sold tens of thousands of hats. Our customers give us 97% 5-star reviews.


Businesses, bands, coffee shops, nonprofits, breweries, and retail stores.


 You want hats that customers and employees will actually love. That align with your values. That represent their brand in design and style.


That tell your story.



Buy hats as they are.

10+ hats (30% off regular price)

25+ hats (40% off regular price)

Any combo of styles & sizes


Ships right away

Basic Customization

Add a patch or embroidery.

25+ hats

$16-$28 based on quantity, fabric, & design

Complete form for exact price and turnaround time

Full Customization

Custom design all aspects of the hat.

150+ hats

$20-$30 based on quantity, fabric, & design

Complete form for exact price and turnaround time

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How We Make the Best Hats Out There

Great Designs & Exceptional Quality

Massive range of designs, colors, and fabrics.
Solid colors, custom prints, adventurous patterns, classic fabrics, activewear & more. And we can do desigs on the inside.
We obsess over details to create the best looking hats – all made with the highest quality materials and construction.
Organic cotton 
Plastic from oceans and landfills
Used coffee grounds
Algae Biomass
Apple Peel "Leather"

Sustainable Materials

The biggest selection of sustainable materials in the hat industry.
Conventional, non-sustainable apparel is one of the dirtiest industries. It uses tons of freshwater and toxic chemicals. We don’t want to be a part of that, and now your hats don't have to be either.
Tons of colors and fabrics available.


Multiple Sizes

One-size-fits-most is a lie.


40% of our customers select a hat that falls outside the standard OSFM. That’s why we offer multiple sizes for larger and smaller heads, and kids’ sizes.


All hats are adjustable and come in various depths and circumferences depending on the style.


Adult sizes: Small, Average, Large, X-Large

Kid Sizes: Toddler, Child, Youth




"Storied Hats has you covered with the best caps. ”


“This hat is simply amazing! I have quite a large collection of hats. I find, however, that I ONLY wear my Storied Hat. Seriously, this is the only hat I would grab while running out of our place if it were on fire!”



- NOEL R. Verified Buyer



“Ok I have to say, I have NEVER thought of myself as a hat person. This truly is a great product! Exceptional quality and details that give this casual product a buttoned up feel.



- AKBAR K. Verified Buyer


Everyday Black

“Great hat! Super comfortable. Simple and perfect. No splashy obtuse logos making you feel like a walking billboard. Just a stylish hat for any outfit."

- RYAN R. Verified Buyer

Soft Olive

“As working from home has become the norm and I don't need to comb my hair anymore, Brown Toast is my go-to to cover my growing tangled web. Super comfortable like every other Storied Hat with the same high quality construction.

-CHRIS P. Verified Buyer

Brown Toast

“Great product. Awesome service and company vision. Not only is the hat design and comfort on point, but this small, charming company is outstanding in their dedication to doing things right - from the materials used, to the beliefs they support, to the awesome customer service!”

- BERYL K. Verified Buyer

Forest Sky


“This is my second hat and I am hoping to purchase a third. I am thrilled with the quality and integrity that goes into making these hats."

- MARISA L. Verified Buyer

Cactus Sunset

"Fits perfect. Amazing style, high quality, easily one of my favorite hats. A simple beautiful design with a simple beautiful idea. I'm looking forward to my next hat from y'all."

- NATHAN S. Verified Buyer


“I can't say enough good things about these hats. They fit me like a glove. The ruby waves has personality from every angle. It's both bold and subdued, depending on how long you look at it. And it gets a lot of looks. I wear my two storied hats almost daily since I bought them in December. I've never liked a hat as much or have taken such good care of a hat as this one. I'm in love.

- MATTHEW S. Verified Buyer

Ruby Waves

Interested in wholesale or custom Storied Hats?


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