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Storied Hats are warm on your head, soft on the planet.

Our Global Recyled Standard wool is 100% recycled from old fabrics. Recycled wool is a 24x reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to new wool production.


The hand-sorting of the old fabriccs employs people who struggle to find work because of illiteracy, creating jobs for those most at risk of unemployment.


Plant-Based "Leather" Backstraps

Backstraps made from apple peels discarded by the juicing industry. Instead of going to a landfill and giving off methane – a major greenhouse gas – they're repurposed to give our hats an elevated finish.


Soft Liners & Multiple Sizes

For those with less hair wool can be a tad itchy. All of our wool hats have a super soft liner.


The vast majority of hats out there are one-size-fits-most. Our Fall & Winter collection will have average, large, and x-large so everyone can find the perfect fit.



More Styles from Storied Hats


Get 15% off your first purchase (limited early bird special!)


The biggest range of high-quality, sustainable hats out there.