Soft Nutmeg

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Sustainable, soft fabric with cross-stitching for a crisp look.

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– Super soft and unstructured
– High-quality fabric
– Sustainable materials & ethical production
– Plant-based leather back-strap
– Free exchanges and refunds if you don't love it



Premium quality & look. Ramie produces uneven fibers that give it a linen-like texture and exceptional durability. It has a crisp look with subtle cross stitching.


Sustainable. One of the softest and most sustainable hats we’ve made. That’s because of a unique plant called ramie. Growing only on freshwater and requires no harmful chemicals to grow, so local waterways and farmlands are not contaminated.


Elevated finish. The back-strap is a plant-based leather made from apple peels discarded by the juicing industry.


Soft, breezy, sustainable. The perfect combination for your cranium.