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FAQ - Storied Hats

What materials do you use to make your hats?

We source as many sustainable materials as possible to create our hats. Each product page outlines the materials in the specific hat, but generally we use organic cotton, linen, hemp, wool, and recycled materials. 

Can I wash my hat?

Yes! We'd recommend spot cleaning as a first resort. You can also wash your hat in your washing machine on the delicate cycle in cold water. Air dry only. It is recommended to not wash your hat in a large load of laundry to help maintain the structure. Specific hat washing instructions are on each product page. 

How do you select your materials and designs?

All of our hats are unique and made just for Storied Hats. We don’t use any hats off the shelf from third party vendors. We’ve reviewed over 1,000 fabrics from all over the world from more than 10 suppliers. When evaluating materials - we look for quality, great colors, and eco-friendliness. We also seek to find manufacturers that pay their workers a living wages.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

How do I learn about new designs from Storied Hats?

Sign up to join our email list in the footer of this site and we’ll drop any new designs directly in your inbox.

Do you wholesale your hats?

We do. Please contact us at info@storiedhats.com for more information on wholesale pricing. 

I have an idea for a hat design, can I send it to you?

Certainly! A lot of our designs have been inspired by the styles of our friends and family. Contact us at info@storiedhats.com.

What is the Belief Line?

The Belief Line is a series of hats representing social issues to spread awareness and raise money for those issues. 100% of the profits goes to each cause the hat represents. Check out the line here.

Can I return or exchange my hat?

Yes. We have free returns/exchanges and a lifetime guarantee (more on that below) on your hat. If you do need to return, make sure to provide us feedback so we can continue to improve! To start a return or exchange - fill out the form below or email us at info@storiedhats.com.

What is your lifetime guarantee?

If your hat doesn't hold up for whatever reason, send us an email and we'll send you a new one. If we no longer carry the same hat, pick whatever one you want. 

How long does it take to ship your hats?

Typically 3-5 business days upon purchase. All of our hats are made in small batches and we will at times accept pre-orders. If we do accept pre-orders, we will indicate to you when your order will be shipped.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. The cost will be approximately $20. Unfortunately we can't offer free returns or exchanges on international orders. 



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