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What is your shipping policy?

We get your hats to USPS 3-5 business days after purchase. From there, it's 3-5 business days for First Class or 2-3 business days for Priority. You have the options of which to use at checkout. 

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, as we have no control over the shipping carriers. We hate the idea that you paid money for something you didn't receive. Assuming we have a pleasant exchange about the matter, we'll usually do one courtesy resend at no cost. But in the event of rude or abusive emails over something we don't control, we will refund your lost package minus shipping costs and costs of goods. Seems reasonable. 

Returns and Exchanges

Updated 11/18/22

Short Version:

  • For returns, you'll be fully refunded minus cost of shipping both ways.
  • For exchanges, shipping is free.

More Details:

We want to do everything possible to ensure you get a hat you truly love and don’t want to keep your money if you don’t love your hat. 

Because we make premium hats and sell them at a reasonable price, we have to be mindful of shipping costs since we’re a small business. Please see below for details. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know and we’ll figure something out: info@storiedhats.com.

Shipping Details within the United States (see below for international)

  • Under $75, standard shipping is $5.99.
  • Over $75, shipping is free.
  • Expedited shipping is available. The cost is calculated at checkout and is paid for by customer regardless of order size.
  • International shipping cost is calculated at checkout. 

Details for returns and exchanges

For returns and exchanges, hats must be unworn (other than trying on) and with the tags intact and returned in a box. Please email us within 30 days of receiving the hat. We’re not too uptight about that timeline, but please try to be close to 30 days.

Shipping for exchanges is free. 

For returns, we’ll deduct the cost of shipping from your refund. Email us for a prepaid return label and avoid the line at the post office.  

Please return the hat in a box. Hats shipped in envelopes/mailers often come back to us in bad condition, and will not be accepted for a refund. 

If your order qualifies for free shipping, but don't keep the number of hats that qualified you, we deduct the cost of shipping both ways from your refund -- the original cost of shipping ($5.99) plus the return cost of $5, but can be a bit more for multi-hat returns going across the country.

If you keep two or more hats, we do not deduct for any shipping costs from your refund.

If you would like store credit instead of a refund, we will not deduct the return shipping cost and put that towards your store credit. Just let us know during the return process if you prefer store credit. 

Email info@storiedhats.com for returns, exchanges, or any questions. 

International Shipping

Cost calculated at checkout via DHL. Unfortunately we can't offer free returns or exchanges on international orders, and the customer is responsible for any import fees or duties. 

If the package is returned to us because it's undeliverable for any reason, we can send again for the cost of shipping. Customer can opt for a refund instead, minus the shipping cost. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages, and will not be able to send free replacements. 

What materials do you use to make your hats?

We are deeply committed to sourcing only sustainable fabrics. This includes organic and recycled cotton, hemp, ramie, recycled polyester, and recycled wool.

Non-organic or non-recycled fabrics like conventional cotton are among the most toxic crops in the world to harvest. We want to be part of a better way. 

The result: healthier soil, cleaner water, safer workers, and safer products touching our skin.

How do you select your materials and designs?

All of our hats are unique and made just for Storied Hats. We don’t use any hats off the shelf from third party vendors. We’ve reviewed over 1,000 fabrics from all over the world from more than 10 suppliers. When evaluating materials - we look for quality, great colors, and eco-friendliness. We also seek to find manufacturers that pay their workers a living wages.

Where are your hats made?

Our sustainable fabrics come from the US, Taiwan, India, and China. The construction of the hats is completed outside Shanghai in a Fair Trade and WRAP Certified facility -- meaning ethically managed and rigirously certified by an independent third-party every year. 

We selected our manufacturing partner for its decades-long expertise in hat making, its commitment to exceptional quality, and its deep commitment to ethical management.

It receives the highest score from WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) -- the largest independent facility certification program in the world focused on apparel, footwear, and sewn products. The organization comprises a team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. It’s based in Virginia with offices around the world. 

The WRAP certification process is guided by 12 principles, including no tolerance for child or forced labor, guarantee of fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and more. WRAP certified facilities are reviewed annually and are assigned a WRAP-accredited monitoring firm for ongoing compliance. 

Why not the USA?

We’ve looked at a variety of options and do our best to balance a variety of factors, including quality, price, and values. While the US has many great manufacturers, the best headwear facilities are overseas. We know because we’ve tested products with four different facilities in the US and overseas. 

In addition, the vast majority of sustainable fabric is made overseas, including organic and recycled cotton, hemp, ramie, recycled polyester, and recycled wool. Sustainable fabrics means healthier soil, cleaner water, safer workers, and safer products touching our skin.

That also means higher cost compared to conventional fabric. Adding international freight costs to send fabric to the US plus higher cost to make the hats in the US would push our hats to a price point that is unaffordable for most people. 

Quality, sustainability, and ethical production -- at a good price -- drives everything we do. If we want more people to buy sustainable products, the price has to be competitive and the quality has to be outstanding. 

Can I wash my hat?

We recommend spot cleaning.

The recycled polyester hats are machine washable and come out very well. The wool hats are dry clean only.

You can machine wash the hats made of cotton, hemp, corduroy, and denim but they may lose some of their shape, and may see some slight fading. It just depends what you're okay with. 

Do not machine dry. 

If you have specific questions about cleaning, email info@storiedhats.com 

How do I learn about new designs from Storied Hats?

Sign up to join our email list in the footer of this site and we’ll drop any new designs directly in your inbox.

Do you have wholesale or custom options? 

We do! Please visit this page: https://www.storiedhats.com/pages/custom




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