For the month of October, 20% of the proceeds from the hats below sold online – and 100% of proceeds from hats sold in The Goods Mart – will be donated to Fuck Cancer.

A Renewed Urgency in the Time of COVID

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted cancer screenings and diagnoses, which in turn impacts cancer deaths. Cancer that is caught early is typically easier to treat and offers the best chance at survival. When the pandemic started, there was approximately an 80% drop in routine cancer screenings. A few months into the pandemic, there were still approximately 60% less cancer screenings than normal. This resulted in the number of breast cancer diagnoses dropping by ~50% compared to the pre-pandemic rate. Additionally, 44% of breast cancer patients have experienced treatment delays during the pandemic.

It is estimated that pandemic-related delays in cancer screenings and treatment will lead to about 10,000 excess deaths in the next decade from breast and colon cancer alone.

We're partnering with Fuck Cancer to raise funds and awareness to help address this concerning gap.

Learn more and take action on Fuck Cancer's website.

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Fuck Cancer believes that people diagnosed with cancer, their families and support network should have equitable access to early detection, prevention and psychosocial support.

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