We're really passionate about hats and
creating a business with values.

For too long, hats have been an afterthought. You have that random Nike or Polo hat. Or maybe a sports team or a college. You wear them because that’s what is readily available. It’s average quality, logo-driven, and not made from sustainable materials.

Why have we accepted average for something that everyone sees and turns our foreheads into billboards?

We started Storied Hats in late 2018 to change this. We search around the world for the highest quality, most sustainable fabrics. We craft our hats in ethically managed facilities where people are treated with dignity and paid fairly. And our hats are always without a logo.

We obsess over details and design that will make a great hat for you instead of a billboard about us. Our styles range from solid colors to adventurous patterns. We think about the inside too, often adding patterns under the visor or on the liner.

We also partner with nonprofits to symbolically represent causes, and we donate 100% of those hats’ profit. We’re a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of sales to environmental groups.  

This isn’t a radical idea.

What's on your head should be about you and your style – not about the logo of a company. Your hats should be made with quality and attention to details – and with values that you can be proud to wear.  

Thanks for checking us out!

~ cameron + zach

We're really passionate about hats and
creating a business with values.

For years I’ve tried to find hats without logos. I don’t want my forehead to feel like a billboard. I kept hearing from others who felt the same way. That’s why I started Storied Hats. We put you and design first. Our logo is nowhere to be found.  

But I want to take things further and create a company you could be proud to wear. We infuse values in every detail of the business. We source as much sustainable material as possible, we partner with nonprofits, and our hats are made by people paid a living wage.

That might sound a little grandiose for just some hats, but shouldn’t all companies use their resources and platform for good, and to treat people and our planet with the utmost dignity? Shouldn’t consumers have the option to spend their money on products that align with their values?

That’s what we do—make great looking hats from quality materials, without logos, with values.

Thanks for checking us out,
zach maurin, co-founder

It's not simply the absence of a logo, it’s the presence of a story — from simplicity and style, to quality and values.