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Dark Grey Heather Fleece

Dark Grey Heather Fleece

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Sweatpants for your cranium. High-quality, sustainable fleece-like fabric. Back after selling out last year.

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Sweatpants for your cranium. The softness of organic cotton blended with the natural feel and weight of hemp to create a premium, fleece-like fabric. Perfect for fall and winter.


Premium & Sustainable. All of our fabrics are selected for their combination of quality and eco-friendly details.


Organic cotton used 80% less fresh water and no chemicals to harvest vs. conventional cotton. We blend it with hemp – a super fiber due to its durability, breathability, limited fresh water needs, and growing efficiency.


Ethical Production. By working with a Fair Trade Certified™ facility, we ensure workers are treated better and paid better. When you buy Fair Trade, you're helping to show this is something that more and more companies should do.


Returns & Exchanges. Free shipping for exchanges (US only). For returns, we refund you the entire cost of the purchase minus shipping within 30 days. If you opt for store credit instead of a refund, we will add $10 to your credit to cover your return shipping + shipping on your next order.

Premium Quality

We search worldwide for the highest quality fabrics that feel great, look great, and last a long time. Our hats are cut and sewn with incredible attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.

Sustainable & Fair Trade™

Conventional fabric is one of the most toxic industries. We only use sustainable materials to dramatically reduce chemical and water use.

All of our hats are Fair Trade Certified™ – a rigorous certification program that improves livelihoods and protects the environment.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Items generally ship within 3-5 business days.

We have free shipping for exchanges. Returns are fully refunded minus shipping costs.

The exchange/return window is 90 days during the holidays.

About Us

We're a small business obsessed with designing and making awesome hats. Ones that look great, feel great, built to last, and take steps to treat the planet and workers with more care.

We have over 20,000 happy customs and our average review is 4.74 stars.

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How we make the best hats out there

Like sweatpants for your cranium.

One of the softest hats we’ve ever made. It’s warm with a slight stretch for a comfy fit. Perfect for Fall and Winter.

Mother Earth will be comfortable too – it’s made with hemp and organic cotton.

Hemp is a super fiber due to its limited water needs and growing efficiency. Organic cotton grows with no chemicals and 80% less fresh water.

Soft on your head, soft on the planet.

Leather from apple peels. 🍎

Was going to a landfill, now going to your cranium.

Apple peels discarded by the juicing industry are transformed into soft, durable plant-based leather.